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And now… Kittens.

Everyone likes kittens. More or less, anyway. So to apologise for my long absence, and to ease myself back into the hot-seat gently, here is a small selection of kitteny cuteness.

You’re welcome.

Sensible(-ish) blogging will resume here — at the latest — on Monday.

I’ve also re-started my entertaining* pollgame, The Great Game, with a new episode this evening. It’s an ongoing twice-weekly sci-fi/horror story where you choose what happens next at the end of every instalment, and I obediently go off and write about whichever path you’ve decided for me. I’m clearly a glutton for punishment. Anyway, you can find it here. Please do go have a look.

* it keeps me entertained, dammit!


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  1. Mockie says

    Hiya Timber:

    It’s been a long while for us, hasn’t it? I hope all has been well for you, and continued luck with your blog. Cheers. x


  2. Alex says

    Another use of kittens, this time in my industry, is Used for creating placeholder images, instead of the drab usual BS that we see, of people sitting at desks or any other numerous boring work situations, we designers can use kittens!