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Know Your Memes: SOON.

“Soon.” A sinister figure stares out of the photo in what should be an utterly innocuous moment. Whole worlds of evil threat are lurking there in the eyes, in that unholy grin… Evil plans are about to come to fruition.

Unusually for a meme, SOON can be damned creepy, and it is that context which makes it amusing. It was started by the lolcat forum back in ’07. It kinda languished there for a while, but started picking up last year. In the last few months, best-of compilations have started to appear, bringing the concept out into the wider web.

To save you having to go look for them, here’s a selection of some of better ones!

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2 Responses

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  1. Alex says

    You can delete that last comment. It had an img tag in it.

    That was what I was trying to show you.

  2. Kristian says

    Just stumbled onto your blog, and I’m cracking up. Freakin hilarious! Especially like the asian toddler/baby “soon”.