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The Great Global Treasure Hunt on Google Earth

My latest book, which was released yesterday, is the Great Global Treasure Hunt on Google Earth.

I’m not going to bang on about it in this post, but the basic idea is that it contains a series of puzzles. Each puzzle — text with a lavish accompanying illustration — contains clues to one specific concept, quality, object or other meme-like notion. The answer is linked with (embodied by, found at, associated to) a physical place on Earth. Looking at the solution’s physical place using Google Earth will reveal patterns that can be found in the illustration, confirming you’re on the right track. Then, taken together, the answers to all the puzzles form the clues for one last puzzle that will lead you to the final treasure spot. The winner will get a 50k euro prize.

Although I’m still on my normal twitter account, @ghostwoods, I’ve also got a Treasure Hunt-specific twitter account, @Dedopulos. I’ll be answering questions there, mentioning interesting stuff, and giving occasional hints. When I have longer pieces of information to reveal, I’ll probably do it here and put links up there, assuming that Carlton, the publishers, agree.

In other news, the novels I’m publishing via Ghostwoods Books are doing nicely. If you haven’t had a look at them, and you like genre or speculative fiction, you should definitely have a peek. They’re very reasonably priced, fully up to professional grade of course, and getting good reviews on Amazon. You can click on the links to the right to read full details and a decently-sized free sample of each one.

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  1. Barbara Timmons ( BATS ) says

    Hi D Whenever the solution is found for the Treasure Quest, will it be published immediately or will we have to wait until March 2012. Hot- on- the- trail- I- am! and I don’t want to waste my valuable time if it has already been claimed.

    • Ghostwoods says

      We are not going to look at any submitted answers until the end of March 2012. If more than one person gets the correct answer, the winner will be selected at random. So it is definitely not too late!