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This is a resource page for The Great Global Treasure Hunt on Google Earth. I’ll keep it updated with information about:

  • Where to find me on Twitter.
  • How to get started.
  • Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Extra Clues.
  • International versions of the book.
  • Forums that are working together to solve it.
  • Other important stuff!

* * * NEW! You can get a full list of Telegraph and Radio clues on the site here. * * *

If there’s anything you’d like me to include, leave a comment!

The picture here is an image of the Hunt’s amazing artist, Jon Lucas — he’s the rugged fellow on the right — and myself, Tim Dedopulos. You can the official Facebook page for the Hunt right here, and our twitter streams here:

My personal twitter feed, @Ghostwoods
My official Treasure Hunt feed, @Dedopulos
Jon’s personal twitter feed, @JonLucas_London

The most immediately useful is going to be the official Treasure Hunt feed, but if you’re trying to get a feel for the way I think, then you might want to have a look at my personal feed. I’m a very friendly chap, but I do swear from time to time, and I do have some political opinions, so it’s not all pictures of kittens curled up in the sink.


Q: Help! I just bought the book. How do I get started?

A: To get started, look at the items in the first image. Think about them individually, and consider their possible associations. Then look for common themes amongst those associations, and links to themes suggested by the text. In later puzzles, you might want to also think about associations one step removed: that is, things that might be associated with things that associate with a given visual element. Not ever visual element is a clue; some of it is scene-setting. Together, these linked associations should give you some ideas for places. Visit those places on Google Earth. If you find a pattern visible on Google Earth — maybe a patch of land, or a road network, or a border, or rivers, or a pattern of building, and so on — and that pattern is also in the image, then you’ll know for certain that you are at the right spot. When you have places for each of the puzzles, then repeat the process, considering places where their associations come together.

Q: Is every answer a place?

Every puzzle has at least one physical location involved in it, but the answer more likely to be a concept, quality or something associated with the place than it is to literally be the place itself. Their importance is as likely to be something associated with the site, or some related quality, or maybe even some historical significance, as it is for the significance to be the precise place itself.

Q: Will the first person to get the correct answer win, or will there be a draw?

A: The winner will be drawn randomly from all the correct answers. We don’t want this to be a race. So there’s plenty of time to get it right.

Q: Why is the iPad version of Facing The Gallows slightly different to the book?

A: That’s a glitch. I apologise sincerely. We’re getting it fixed, but in the mean time, don’t worry, the glitches don’t break any puzzles.

Q: What is the difference between the normal and deluxe versions of the book?

A: The deluxe version is a lot bigger — and it makes Jon’s art look even more absolutely gorgeous.

Q: Where is the answer stored?

A: The answer coordinate exists in only one place — inside a sealed envelope in a bank vault. It’s not written down anywhere else, it’s not stored on my computer, and I don’t have it memorised.

Q: What spreads do the Telegraph weekly clues refer to? Or do they refer to the final answer? Does clue {X} mean {Y}? What continent is the answer to Puzzle {Z} on?

A: That would be telling.

Q: Telegraph Weekly Clues?

A: See below.

Q: I’m in [COUNTRY X]. Can I take part?

A: Absolutely. Everyone is welcome to participate. See below for a list of countries with their own published versions, plus suggestions for specific countries. See below for a list of different translations that I know of.

Q: There’s an extra space in one of the coordinates on Facing The Gallows, and there are three repeated coordinates later in the book. 

A: Why yes, yes there are. Well spotted…


The well-respected British newspaper The Telegraph, our official media partner, has a special on-line section dedicate to the Hunt. You can find it here:

The Telegraph will be publishing a new clue every Saturday, in their print newspaper. If you can’t get hold of the Telegraph where you live, the clue will go up on their website after a week or so, at the link above. If they disappear from the Telegraph website, I’ll put them up here. But you can click right here for the first clue.

The Telegraph also have a detailed analysis that I wrote for them which explains the solution to Puzzle 2. You can find it on-line here.


The Treasure Hunt was commissioned and published by the British publisher Carlton Books. Publishers from some other countries have also released versions of the book; the ones I know of are Australia (English),  Canada (French), France (French), Italy (Italian), the Netherlands (Dutch), Portugal (Portuguese) and Spain (Spanish).

I heard a suggestion that the book was going to also be released by publishers in Finland and Brazil, but I have no links for those versions, so I don’t know for sure. The same is true for an English-language Canadian edition; seems mightily confused at the moment. Readers in India can buy the imported British version from the book site Flipkart. There was supposed to be a US publisher, but they had to pull out at the last minute, so American readers can buy the book from’s third party resellers. That might be the best place for English-speaking Canadians right now, too.

I’m afraid I don’t know whether any of the publishers — or, indeed, bilingual fans — are planning to translate the Telegraph clues. I haven’t heard anything so far. If you have any extra info on foreign language editions, fan-translated clues, or anything similar, please let me know.


The following message-boards are working together on solving the book. I need to make it clear that I am not affiliated with any of them in any way. The boards are:

ENGLISH: (possibly also being discussed on pay-site

FRANÇAIS: (Avec des indices traduit du Telegraph)

ESPAÑOL: (Con pistas traducida de Telegraph)

ITALIANO: (Chiedere un invito)


PORTUGUÊS: (ou o forum não oficial

I’m not aware of any other forums, so if you know one I’m missing, please leave a comment below.

* now requires you to join the site (for free) before you can see the forums. They have also had at least one purge of accounts that have never made any forum post.

48 Responses

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  1. ferret says

    About the quest4treasure forum: the forum itself is a great place, the people are friendly and treasure-hunt knowlegeable and I can’t recommend it more highly. As I understand it, there’s been a few problems recently, the worst being with spammers which has had a knock on effect to make registration more difficult, the other to do with the old colour scheming being lost and the site looking… umm… ‘unconventional’ lately.

    About Well… it’s a great club to join if you like puzzles and hunts.

  2. Turnyt says is paying members only

  3. chachou says

    Il y a aussi un forum en français :

  4. ChAT says

    La chasse au trésor sera évidement suivie avec grand intérêt sur

  5. RogerL says

    Yep, is a friendly club to join, and they organise their own treasure hunts. Members on their forum are currently making great progress with Dedopulos’s superb hunt.

    • Ghostwoods says

      But you do have to pay for membership, right? It’s important that be clear up front, particularly given that there are freely accessible alternatives.

  6. William Boyd says

    Where’s that place you and Jon are photographed here? :)

  7. Publius says

    Thanks for having the imagination and wherewithal to put this together, Ghostwood. I feel like a kid again opening Masquerade for the first time (and holding in wires to try to get PI to load on my Spectrum…)

  8. Andy Ryder says

    I read on an internet site about a clue concerning “a terrible man with a terrible name”.
    Where can I get access to these clues, I have joined twitter but am only able to access tweets from a couple of weeks ago.

    • Ghostwoods says

      Just keep scrolling down on my Twitter profile page, you can go all the way. Telegraph clues are via

  9. William Boyd says

    Tim – your sites are taking ages to load in my browser. Too many active scripts I suggest. I often simply can’t get into your category links.

    • Ghostwoods says

      Sorry to hear that. I don’t really know much about web coding — I have a WordPress template running this site — so it may be the template, or it may be my hosts. Either way, I’m afraid it’s not really in my control right now :(

  10. Lucien Vinlot says

    Hello, Tim, I would like to know, please : may several family members living in the same house feel free to enter the competition and state their own assumptions of the physical location of the treasure?

  11. William Boyd says

    The UK forum is closed, that is to say you have to register even to see the posts and that in turn means you have to provide an email contact address to activate your registration.

    I suggest that is an unwelcome and unsuitable situation for a book likely to attract the attention of parents looking for Christmas gifts for childen.

    • Clare says

      I’ve just joined the UK forum no problem. I know they were having some problems a while back (apparently they were being spammed by a cult somewhere that thinks that the solution to GGTH is going to signal the location of the second coming!!!) but these all seem to be sorted out now.
      You do need to provide an email address, but then you need one to enter the competition anyway…

    • Ghostwoods says

      I’m afraid that the forums are entirely unofficial. I don’t even know who set them up, let alone possess any influence over their policies!

  12. Steve Wise says

    Hi Tim, is the site for another forum. Very nice folks on here.


  13. stvwz says

    What happened to Clue #13 and beyond? It has been three weeks since Clue 12 came out in the Telegraph??

    • Ghostwoods says

      There were some staff changes in the Telegraph’s online department, and it fell through the cracks. I believe they’re back on top of it now!

  14. Kendra says

    Please help me?? I see from the forum that there is an explore page on the GGTH site but I cannot find a link to it through the australia pages?? It also appears that there are clues to the #5 and #10 puzzles but I cannot locate these on the site either??

    • Ghostwoods says

      I don’t know of any ‘explore’ page on the main web site, I’m afraid. I’m not sure what the forum is talking about there. Puzzles #5 and #10 are designed not to have accompanying clue text; they’re the toughest two!

  15. francesco says

    in che banca è la risposta

    • Ghostwoods says

      Questo è un segreto!

      [TR: Q: In which bank is the answer (stored)? A: That’s a secret!]

  16. luigi says

    come fa uno a capire se ha risolto o no una pagina?

  17. Jeff says

    Is it possible to enter a negative coordinate on the final answer webpage? I can’t seem to do it. If I enter a ‘-‘ symbol in one of the boxes instead of a number, it complains about it.

    • Jeff says

      I think I just answered my own question. I see that you can do it by typing ‘-‘ in the blank box to the left of the ‘#’ sign.

  18. Ian Dougall says

    What has happened to the forum?

  19. Linz says

    Hi Tim,

    Just wondering if you could post a list of all the clues so far somewhere or do you already have one I could access. I am a having trouble finding the telegraph clues each week and just found out on the forum I missed some .

    The joys of living on the otherside of the world and not being able to get the paper.

    • Ghostwoods says

      Yeah, I will do. I’ll try to get that done over the next few days.

      • Linz says

        Thank You Tim,

        That’s Great I had missed the last four clues so it is great to be up to date.

        Thanks Again

  20. Ian Dougall says

    Where, when and how will all be revealed? Will the ‘Telegraph’ publish all the answers in detail?

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