Tim Dedopulos is a British writer, editor, puzzle creator, publisher and game designer, with more than 100 works to his name in areas ranging from horror and sff, through music and art, to games, whodunits and jokes. He lives in Spain with his wife and the ghost of his murdered bromeliad, grimly acclimatising to his new-found and unwelcome mid-40s. A shameless INFJ, he usually tries to avoid thinking in the third person.



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SF: Notes From Xaime (Excerpt from Xaime for SLA Industries RPG, published by Nightfall Games Ltd.)

SF: Overlook (Excerpt from a work in progress)

Fantasy/SF: Secrets of the Bioliths (Faction introduction story for the Sony PS3 game Eye of Judgement)

Urban Fantasy/SF Crusade of Ashes (Introductory story from Orpheus: Crusade of Ashes for the Orpheus RPG, published by White Wolf, Inc.)

Horror: By Way of Introduction (from Hunter: Apocrypha for the Hunter: The Reckoning RPG, published by White Wolf, Inc.)

Horror/Urban Fantasy: The Pentecost Ritual (Rules text, from Post-Modern Magick for the Unknown Armies RPG, published by Atlas Games)

Fantasy: Rubble (Short story acting as prologue to a work in progress)

Urban Fantasy: Still Life (Short story from the Red Phone Box story cycle, published by Ghostwoods Books)

Non-fiction: The Exam (Puzzle, from Whodunits published by Arcturus Books)

Non-fiction: Templar Knight, Super Star (Article, published in Penthouse Australia)

Non-fiction: The Symbolism of Architecture (Article, from Symbolism, published by Carlton Books)